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Narrative Therapy For Couples Will Prompt You And Your Wife To Rewrite Your Stories

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You and your wife may be going through a rough patch that involves her being depressed and you thinking that there is nothing that you can do to boost her confidence and sense of well-being. A depressed person often becomes withdrawn and this could lead to you blaming yourself for your partner's behavior. With narrative couples therapy, a counselor will encourage each person to speak candidly about past and present situations, which are valued as important. After an underlying issue is revealed, work is conducted to rewrite each person's story.

Perception Influences A Person's Decisions

Have you ever encountered people who seem to be happy all of the time? They may not let small issues get the best of them and they tend to see the good in other people or situations that they are faced with. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are people who are consumed with negative feelings and these types of people may have difficulty interacting with others or may find it challenging to create goals that will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

A person's perception will likely have a bearing on decisions that are made each day. Someone who is used to complaining or blaming others will continue on this path and may never find the true happiness that they deserve. Putting things into perspective can be beneficial and will assist with making healthy choices that will allow a married couple to communicate more effectively or work toward a common goal.

A Counselor Will Allow Free Rein During A Session

During your first couples therapy session, you and your wife will both be prompted to give a rendition of your life story. There is no wrong or right way to describe how you perceive yourself or the situations that you have endured. The counselor will listen intently and may ask some prodding questions, which will encourage you or your partner to elaborate. If your wife thinks of herself as inferior to you or if she has dealt with a traumatic issue, which has shaped her into the negative person who she is today, the counselor will uncover this.

Of course, there may be contributing factors to your wife's problem. If you do not understand why she is withdrawn and you have attempted to provide her with the support she deserves and needs, miscommunication may be interfering with a clear indication of your intentions. The counselor will focus on any positive attributes that the two of you possess and will attempt to separate the issue from you and your partner.

After the issue is separated, you will be asked to rewrite the ending of your story. This may involve looking at problems differently or brainstorming along with your wife, to come to terms with a problem and attempt to resolve the issue in a healthy manner.