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I Want To Be A Lion Tamer: How A Career Coach Can Help An Accountant Make A Smart Career Move

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In the classic "Monty Python" sketch, "Lion Tamer," an accountant, goes to a career coach because he is tired of his old job. Those stuck in this situation likely know how he feels. A major career change can be exciting. But expecting too much of a change is problematic. Accountants bored with their need to understand how a career coach can help. While making the jump from accountant to lion tamer may be tough in one go, a career coach can help point them in the right direction.

Why Accountants Burn Out

In the lion tamer sketch, Michael Palin (the accountant) complains about his job being so "dreadfully dull." He was experiencing a situation known as career burnout, which happens when a person feels stuck or bored in their position. What causes an accountant to get burned out on a career path that they started on long ago?

Some get sick of trying to balance other people's money. Others simply get bored and want to try something else. However, others may simply be in the slightly wrong position. While some may feel compelled to try lion taming or something equally challenging, it is best to play to their abilities and change a career in a logical way.

Jobs That Bored Accountants Can Consider

The career coach in the sketch, played by John Cleese, tries to direct the fledgling lion tamer into more reasonable career directions, such as banking. A good career coach will do the same thing for a bored accountant. They can identify why they want a career change and point them in the direction of an appropriate new job.

For example, they could get them into a new and exciting form of accounting, such as international or environmental accounting. These careers take then out of the office and let them experience the world. However, they could also try out accounting education or auditing. These careers use the skill set of an accountant in a way that can more directly help others.

Mistakes To Avoid Making

When the bored accountant is finally confronted with the reality of being a lion tamer at the end of the sketch, he cringes at the danger and gets interested in banking. This experienced help him to learn important life lesson: be true to who you are and your career interests and abilities. That's why it is important to trust a career coach and the ways they can help choose a new career. Fighting against their suggestions is counterproductive to finding a new career.

For those who are afraid of lions but wants a major career change, a career coach can be a good investment. After finding a new career, they can even help a person stay on the path they need to be successful in their new field.